Simulate Material Flow / Factory Material Handling



- ASRS, Stacker Crane
- AGVS, Vehicles
- Conveyor System
- Order Picking
- Machine / Worker


Main Aspect

- Abundant utility libraries (conveyor, machine, worker, etc.)
- Simple layouting with Plug and Play feature
- Display graph, productivity monitoring
- Output layout information in 2D and 3D
- 3D animation export (3DPDF)

logistic_cap04.png logistic_cap05.png logistic_cap06.png logistic_cap07.png logistic_cap08.png

Replicate Production Line with Multiple Robots



- Spot Welding Line
- Arc Welding Cell
- Paint / Sealing
- Workpiece Handling
- Multiple Robot Synchronization


Main Aspect

- Library with more than 1000 Robots ready to use
- Teach Robot by Forward and Inverse Kinematics
- Create Mesh, Measure Paint Thickness (Option)
- Post Processor available for various robots (Option)
- Interface ready for various VRC (Option)

robotics_cap05.png robotics_cap04.png

robotics_cap06.png robotics_cap07.png robotics_cap08.png

Simulating with PLC

- OPC Support *1
- ORiN2 Support *2

- BeckOff : TwinCAT PLC Direct Connection
- Seimens : PLC-SIM (STEP7) Direct Connection
- Mitsubishi : GX Simulator2 Direct Connection *3
- DENSO WAVE : RCx(VRC) Direct Connection *2


Supporting PLC *4

JTEKT: TOYOPUC, Yokokawa Electric: FA-M3,
Hitachi: HIDIC,Sharp: SATELITE,
Fuji: MICREX,Panasonic: FP,
Yasukawa: MP,Keyence: KV,
Rockwell: AB, Seimens: SIMATIC S7,
FANUC: PMC, Kawasaki: Robots

*1: Need OPC Server separately
*2: Need ORiN2 runtime separately                                  
*3: Need Mitsubishi MX-Component separately
*4: If you use Takebishi OPC Server "Device Explorer OPC Server
       DXPSV EnterpriseOPC Server".

plc_cap03.png plc_cap04.png

CMS develops its own original products for more efficient usage of Visual Components products.
Feel free to consult us. With our expertise knowledge in digital factory, we can help you to maximize the usage of the application.

  • DENSO WAVE     Catalog Download(PDF)
    Offline Programming Software "WINCAPS III"Interface for VC

  • Kawasaki     Catalog Download(PDF)
    Offline Programming Tool "K-ROSET"Interface for VC

  • Mitsubishi     Catalog Download(PDF)
    Programming and Engineering Support Software "RT ToolBox2"
    Interface for VC

  • Fujikoshi    
    Offline Programming Tool"FD on Desk"
    Interface for VC


Visual Components (Finland) Provides advance digital factory suite to facilitate construction of virtual manufacturing equipment and high precision operation verification and analysis. Furthermore, large size data handling (Full Vehicle data), complex shapes data handling etc are possible to operate with most efficiently. Simulation performance also maintained while using such large sized and complex data.

Visual Components digital factory suites offers development kit (SDK) with flexible and abundant features.

This SDK kit has been certified as standard application for "Fast-track new Simulation&Visualization" project. Visual Components Add-ons and COM interfaces provide interconnectivity with other third party systems.

With development with (.NET) environment, Visual Components applications can be integrated with systems such as SCADA, MES, ERP.

A real-time interface connects the 3D models to third party software and machine and line controllers for production validation and optimization.


ORiNis Trademark of Japan Robot Association.
*e-F@ctory Alliance is Mitsubishi's FA Partner Program.